I Heart You

Yes I know that I am late posting my special valentine card.  After all, Valentine’s Day was more than a month ago.  So, let me give you some background behind this special card.  My husband loves any kind of card I make.  He even loved the first card that I ever made and it was awful!  But this year I wanted to make a card that was more manly.  Valentine Cards can be so mushy and feminine.  So here is what I came up with.


I have loved all of the multi-colored cards that I have seen.  This is kind of along the line of my simple cards that I am trying to get comfortable making.  The scary part of stamping one layer cards is that your stamping has to be right on.  No mistakes in the inking, placement or the actual stamping technique.  Scary!

I used the heart from the retired “Hope” set that Close to My Heart made to help support the disaster relief from Japan’s Tsunami.  I chose it because I love the shape of the heart.  Nice and plump and squishy.  Just love it.

I even stamped the inside of this special card.


Also from a retired set.  I think it is called Priceless Love.  It was actually in my box to be sold as a used stamp set, but I am glad that I still had it because it described my relationship with my husband.  Our live has not been perfect.  I would not describe him as a soul mate and I am not sure that I would even want that kind of relationship.  But I made a commitment to him and he to me and we have worked hard on our relationship and he truly has colored my world.  My life would not be the same without him in it.  So the inside of the card has meaning for me and I love that I found a stamp set from Close to My Heart that said that.

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