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This year, well actually last year, I realized how much time I spent looking for my supplies.  Can you say, total waste of time?  Not to mention what a ridiculous way to stress myself out.  Do you know how many times I have purchased something I already own?  And, yes, you probably guessed that as soon as I bought it, I found the first one.

So I am on a mission to Get Organized!  Close to My Heart has a wonderful line of organizational supplies to help me in this quest.  Here is a short video that gives you some ideas on how to use our large organizer.  After you watch it, scroll down and I will show you my large organizers.

As a Close to My Heart Consultant, one of the most important things I need is a way to make sure that I am using current products.  What if I made a piece of art that you wanted to copy and used a retired item that you could not purchase?

I also scrap and make cards at crops, retreats and friends' houses.  Nothing like taking everything you own to a crop and then not having the one thing you need.  Anyone ever have that happen?

So here are my organizers.

This is one of my large organizers.  Remember in the video they said that you can get 40 stamp sets in a large organizer?  Well, I can usually get at least 45 stamp sets in mine quite easily.  I have labeled this organizer "New" because it holds the newest stamp sets from the Spring/Summer Catalog.  I try and concentrate on these for the artwork in my blog and for my workshops.

This large organizer holds my Cricut Compatible stamp sets.  Did you know that if our stamp set has an image that can be cut with one of our Close to My Heart Cricut cartridges, it never retires?  I have always cut out my stamped images.  But can I tell you how excited I am that I don't have to do that much anymore?  I am so spoiled now.  Our Cricut compatible stamp sets even have the name of the Cricut cartridge that it is compatible with listed on the stamp carrier sheet along with the size to cut it.  Just be sure to use Real Dial size and not Relative Dial size.

And finally, here are my stamp sets that are not the new, just released stamp sets, not Cricut compatible, but also still current and orderable.  So many times I have forgotten about these and overlooked a cut sentiment or image.  These  can all easily travel with me as well and they are even stackable!

Next time I will share my medium and small organizers. 

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