Faux Stitching Tutorial

With the photographic assist of my husband, I have that Faux Stitching Tutorial I promised.  Here is the card that I made using the Faux Stitching.
1-Tree Card
Believe it or not, there is no gel pen involved!  Here is the step by step tutorial.  First of all, you must use cardstock with a white core for this technique.  Patterned paper and cardstock without white core will not work.
Step 1 – With a pencil draw a line 1/4 inch from the outside of the card on the wrong side of the cardstock.
1-Faux stitching 18
Step 2 – Using a paper cutter that has a deep “trough” and the larger end of your dry embossing tool, place the line that you drew over the “trough” and gently rub over the line that you drew.  I go over it a few times gently with the larger end of the tool, then a couple of times with the smaller end, and then again with the larger end.  Make sure that you do not tear the paper. Repeat on all four lines that you drew.
1-Faux stitching 15
Step 3 – Turn the cardstock over to the front.  See the ridges that I dry embossed?
1-Faux stitching 13
Step 4 – Pick up your sanding block and gently sand over the lines that you dry embossed.  You are sanding on the front of the cardstock where the lines are raised.  Keep the sanding block perpendicular to the cardstock and try real hard not to sand any of the cardstock that is not raised. 
1-Faux stitching 2
Sand over all four lines.
1-Faux stitching 12
See my sanded dry embossed lines?  I slightly sanded a few spots near the lines, but all-in-all a pretty good job.
1-Faux stitching 9
Step 5 – For this step I used my Close to My Heart ruler and my paper piercing tool.  I placed the paper piercing tool straight up and down and using the larger spaced holes on the ruler pushed straight down.  I continue piercing until I get to the end of the line.  Then I repeat down each sanded line.
1-Faux stitching 8
1-Faux stitching 7
And the finished faux stitched cardstock.
1-Faux stitching 5-001
Not bad, huh?  I love this technique.  If you try it, post your blog link in the comments so that I can visit your blog and see your artwork.


  1. This is a great technique! I love it and going to try it TODAY! :-)

  2. THANK YOU for showing us . . . I'm totally going to scraplift this for one of my cards in my workshop...how did you think of this???? Thanks again!

  3. Peneeeee, I actually saw it on Lisa Stenz's blog, who saw it on Tresa Black's blog, but neither had a step by step tutorial on it.

  4. LOVE it! I will share this easy peasy trick, if you don't mind. Love anything that makes the stitching easier. Love the Faux Stitching on this cute card!!
    Sandra V.

  5. Great tutorial Melinda! Maybe I don't NEED the special twine after all! This will save $! LOL!

  6. LOVE THIS! So simple, and it looks wonderful! I am your newest follower! Found you on the CTMH BB! Hope you hop over to follow me at:


    Heather :)


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