Close to My Heart's Scroll Album

I put together Close to My Heart's Scroll Album at my crop last Saturday.  I am so happy with this project.  It is designed to sit on a mantel or a table.  I had so much fun making this album and it was really fast to put together.

Here is a description of the album and what is in the kit.

Workshops On The Go® Scroll Album Kit

Use the materials and instructions in this kit to create a four-foot scroll album for display on a wall or unrolled to reveal memorable events and loved ones. This workshop project is ideal for creating as a group or on your own and takes approximately 1 hour to complete.

Included in the kit: 

1– My Acrylix® Scroll Album Workshop Stamp Set (C-size) 
1– 7½" Wooden Spool with 4 feet of Kraft Paper 
10 – Buttons (3 Twilight, 3 Chocolate, 4 Sunset) 
1 – Chocolate Grosgrain Ribbon (1 yard) 
2 – 12" × 6" Printed Canvas Sticker Sheets 
1 – Instructional Brochure

Some basic tools you may already have, such as inks, stamp blocks, or tools are needed to complete this project.

The price of this kit is $35.95 and you can purchase it here.

These are my adorable grandkids.  The stickers are made of canvas and since they are going to be rolled onto the spool, I adhered the stickers with Liquid Glass.  I adhered the pictures with my ATG gun and they are holding great.

Don't you just love these pictures?  I am LOVING them!

Their mothers told them to pose nicely and then to act crazy!  I think that they did just that!

This album is made exactly like it says to make it in the Instruction Book and is super easy to put together.  Thanks for looking!


  1. Great scroll album, and kudos for all the hard work you've done with your blog!!
    I'd like to present you with the Liebster Award!! All of the details on how to accept it are in this post on my blog: http://koladesigns.wordpress.com/2012/09/10/liebster-award/

    Keep up the great work! :)

  2. So much fun packed into one scroll album....

    I also want to present you with the Liebster award!! All of the details on how to accept the award are in this post on my blog:


    Laura may have got to you first but your attention to detail deserves this twice! :)


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