My First Studio J Express Collection Layout

Can I say how excited I am that Close to My Heart's Studio J has been made even easier?  I am a recent participant to  digital scrapbooking.  I made a few layouts for Convention this year and was totally sold.  First I want to include a short video from Close to My Heart about the Studio J Express Collections.

Now I want to show you super duper cute layout that I made with the Studio J Express Collection.

Isn't this a beautiful layout?  It is from the Little Miss Express Collection in Studio J.  I was thrilled that I was able to include all the pictures I wanted to include as we started off with my adorable granddaughter painting a piece of pottery for her mother.  She is so happy.  Then she finishes super quick painting this piece pink.  She didn't want to add any other colors.  Just pink.  I found out the price (Incredibly high) of this piece and the vase that her sister was painting and told her that, no, she could not paint another piece of pottery.  The last 2 pictures were trademark Jocelyn.  THAT was the look you received when she was not happy and with her gorgeous blue eyes, it was very effective.  LOL

This layout was already set up when I logged into Studio J.  All I did was drop in the pictures, journal, and change the title.  Can you say finished in 20 minutes?  And it only cost me $6.95 for the 2 page layout.  I dare you to develop your pictures, purchase the paper and embellishments, and put together this two page layout for $6.95.

Another thing that I also like about Studio J is that as soon as I submit my order for this layout, I receive jpegs of my purchased layout absolutely free.  This way I can put together a scrapbook and share it with my family even if they live  far away.  My family gets together once a year.  I have grown kids and their families in Hawaii, Florida, North Carolina, and Tennessee.  Now I can put together a scrapbook with Studio J, email all of the kids the scrapbook jpegs and they can get them developed themselves at their neighborhood Sam's or Costco.  Then we can all have a scrapbook of our fun times together.

There is no software to purchase or load onto your computer.  There is no cost to use Studio J.  You pay nothing until you purchase your layout.  Shipping is cheap - $4.95 for up to 50 2-pg layouts.  Ready to get started?  Click here to get started.

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