30 Years of Close to my Heart - Spring/Summer Idea Book

Don't you just love that picture of the cute little boy on the cover of our Spring/Summer Idea Book?  I know I do.  He reminds me of my sons and grandsons when they were his age.  Such a great age.  Sheer happiness as he wears this cowboy hat that is way too big for him.  I know I have pictures of sons and grandsons wearing combat boots, motorcycle helmets, and even high heels way too big for them and the smile on their faces and the delight emanating from them bring a warmth to my heart.  Thank goodness we have a way to preserve those pictures, memories, and feelings.

This Idea Book is such a delight to look at.  So many different, innovative, fun products!  I am so excited about this book that I am going to change the way I blog.  I am going to share with you the many different art projects in our Idea Book and how to make them.  I am still going to post my own original artwork, but I want to show you the value that can be found in our Idea Book.  You can spend months recreating the beautiful artwork found on its pages and making it your own.

I am also going to post many videos that Close to My Heart has to offer along with pointers and observations about the products shown and maybe even some fun deals along the way.  Close to My Heart has the most wonderful Mission Statement:  "We show you how to celebrate relationships through discovering your creativity, to preserve and share the moments that matter most."

Let me show you how.  Faster, Simpler, Easier.

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