The Totes are Here, the Totes are Here!

I am in LOVE!!!  Shhhh!  Don't tell my husband.

I loved my old Close to My Heart Rolling Tote.  Maybe a little too much.  For the past two years my rolling tote has been on its last wheels.  Actually the wheels still worked.  It was the blasted handle that would not pull up when I took it out of the car.  And then when I packed it back up, the handle would not go down.  I needed a new tote.

I knew that Close to My Heart was developing a new rolling tote, so I waited and waited and waited.  The new organization system came out and I loved them and used them.  I work out of my organizers so when the time comes to go to a crop, I just load them into my car.  But I was still missing a rolling tote.

It is finally here!  I got to visit it at a Director's training session in Salt Lake City and even take it for a test drive.  It rolls well and even packed to the brim, does not weigh much.  It will be lighter than my previous rolling tote.  Instead of trying to get my organizers into the tote, they will fit right in.  Did I say that I am in LOVE?

What do I love about this tote?  Look at the beautiful color.  So stylish.  The cute heart dangle with the bling is right down my alley.  So many pockets!!!  I will be able to carry everything I need yet have it right at arm's reach.  The Rolling Tote retails for $149.95.  Just in time for Christmas.  I know what I am going to find under the tree.  The organizers are sold separately and are a great deal as well!

Now don't forget the new Shoulder Tote.  It coordinates beautifully with the Rolling Tote.

See the new totes in action in the video below then order your totes on www.melindaeveritt.ctmh.com.

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