October Close to My Heart Special

As I approach my 10th year as a Close to My Heart Consultant, I am amazed that I am still loving what I am doing.  I have always loved to craft.  I went from needlepoint to macram√© to sewing and quilting and finally 10 years ago, to papercrafting.

I was so excited when I found out that I could get a 22% discount by purchasing the Close to My Heart New Consultant Kit.  It was like buying a Sams or Costco membership, but you paid for it once and you received the discount as long as you remained active.  And the New Consultant Kit was cheaper than that Costco or Sams membership plus I received 3 times the value that I paid for the membership in product.

We had just moved to a new state and I didn’t know anyone here.  I crafted alone in my dining room.  Then I started attending crops and meeting lots of other people who shared my same interests.  As I learned more about papercrafting, I started sharing what I had learned with my new friends.  I also shared our wonderful Close to My Heart products.  Soon my dining room was full as I taught classes and workshops.  And the best part of it was that it was so much FUN!!

I am not a trained salesperson and with Close to My Heart I don’t have to be.  All I have to do is share what I know about the product and show others how to use it.  It sells itself.

With the earnings I make (it’s not just about the discount anymore!), I have helped pay for my son’s college, our vacations, and my grandkids’ Boy Scout and Girl Scout trips.  My circle of friends have grown to include all of my wonderful Bling Team as well as other Close to My Heart Consultants all over the world.  I even earned the Incentive Trip this year and my husband and I will be flying to Puerto Vallarta for an all-expense paid trip in February.

And it started at my dining room table in a new state where I did not know anyone.

Consider this.  During the month of October, hostesses have another fantastic option for using their Hostess Rewards credit—they can apply it toward a New Consultant Kit! When your Gathering reaches $250 in sales, not only will you get 50% off a product of your choice, but you can also choose to use your $40 in Hostess Rewards credit to get a discounted New Consultant Kit! With higher Gathering totals, you can save even more! With a Gathering that reaches $450, you will have all the credit you need to get the New Consultant Kit for FREE!

Close to My Heart offers many ways to hold a gathering.  You could hold a traditional gathering, a catalog party, or what we call an EZ invite party where your friends go online and place their order under the link for your party.  We could even hold a Facebook party.

The New Consultant Kit costs $75.  You will receive a $205 value.  In the kit you receive a $50 credit to purchase the products you want. And in October you could get it discounted or for free.

If you are interested, contact me or comment below and I will contact you.  I would love to have you join my team and see if Close to My Heart is a good fit for you.

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