August Special - Help me Make my Goal!

Now is the time to join Close to My Heart.

I am not kidding. If you are receiving my newsletter then you most likely are a crafter. So I ask you, how would you like to get a 22% or more discount on all of your crafting supplies?

That's just one of the perks of signing up as a Close to My Heart Consultant.

The August Special is a "no-kit" New Consultant option. You receive $35 of Close to My Heart Cash to buy what you want for $35. That makes the kit free in a way, correct?

But then you receive 22% off of all of your Close to My Heart purchases. That is kind of like when you join Costco or Sam's Club. Except they don't give you a discount. And you have to pay the membership fee each year. You won't have to do that with Close to My Heart (as long as you stay active).

jI am blown away by the new catalogs (yes - plural) and the new product lines that as a Consultant, You don't want to miss this.

Friends don't let friends spend more for their craft supplies than they need to - and they pass on a good deal when they see one. Isn't that true?

First of all, Close to My Heart is no longer charging shipping on the New Consultant Kit. Plus they have reduced the price! For $70, you can get the New Consultant Kit. No shipping and it contains $50 of CTMH cash that you can use to purchase what you want. Love that!

BUT only during the month of August, any new Consultants who sign up, or any former Consultants who re-enroll, can do so for just $35 with a No-Kit Enrollment option OR they can choose to purchase the regular New Consultant Kit for $70.

I am asked, "Why would I join Close to My Heart and what does it involve?"

This is what you receive when you join my team:
  • First of all, 22% off your craft purchases - who doesn't need that?
  • Have crafting friends? Close to My Heart sells itself. When they purchase from your website (yes, you have a website and it is free), you make 22% off their purchase
  • Sign up with my team and I will throw in your favorite Workshop Your Way as a thanks for signing up on my team (first downline only). I have a personal goal of 20 new consultants on my team.
  • I will show you how to get many of your favorite Close to My Heart products free and half price
  • Do you like to get new products before your friends? Close to My Heart has a one month preview period for Consultants
  • Consultant only specials
  • Bling Team specials
  • Bling Team only events
  • NEW!!! You will become a cricut.com affiliate and receive commission for purchases made through your affiliate link

There is no obligation to purchase anything more once you sign up. Nothing. Nada. Close to My Heart just wants you to give it a try and see how the new product lines have changed. We have new Workshop Your Ways with diecuts! Faster, simpler, easier but still with the Close to My Heart look. And you can get them for free. Let me show you how!

How does this sound? Have questions? Email me and we will talk. Ready to sign up or sign back up now? Just go to www.melindaeveritt.ctmh.com and fill out the simple form. I will contact you to find out which Workshop Your Way you would like (including one of the new ones) and to welcome you to the Bling Team.

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