Oh no!! I Can't Believe I Ripped My Cardbase!!

Has this every happened to you?  It has happened to me.  I have designed my card.  Everything is stamped perfectly.  I glue all of the pieces down.  Looking good!!

I take the picture for my blog, and as I go to edit it I notice that something is not right.  One of the pieces is not level.  Do I leave it or do I remove it and place it correctly?

Well if you are at all like me, you just cannot leave it.  It stands out like a sore thumb and every time you look at the card you see it.

So, I slowly and carefully remove the errant piece.  I almost get it off, everything is fine, and then it happens.  The card base rips!!!  And right where the paper is now not going to cover it.  AARGHH!!!

I almost got the paper off.  So close and so visible.  What do I do?  

I could throw the paper away and make another card base, but that is a pretty big piece of paper to toss.  Can I fix it?

YES I CAN!!!  My handy, dandy Bonding Memories glue pen to the rescue!!

 For only $4.50, look what I can do with this glue pen.

A few tiny, tiny spots that don't really show and I have saved my card base.  What I did was dab some of the glue from the Bonding Memories glue pen onto the white core that was showing through the colored cardstock.  Then I carefully placed the colored part of the cardstock back into place.  This will work whether the colored part has completely come off or is still hanging on by a "thread".

Where can you buy this super tool?  On my website - http://melindaeveritt.ctmh.com

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