Brrrrr........... It's a Cold Challenge at Heart 2 Heart!

Welcome!  I am glad that you are visiting my blog.  At Heart 2 Heart Challenges, we have a new challenge.  It is anything cold.  I can be snow, ice cream, colors that remind you of cold, etc.

I started off with one card and my husband said that it did not remind him of cold so I made another one.  Here it is.

It has been pretty cold here in Memphis.  We have had 5 snows, which is practically unheard of here.  Driving on the interstate I have seen some wonderful sunsets and have tried to reproduce those here.  The colors have been absolutely gorgeous.

Before you think I am a fantastic artist, let me assure you that I am just an enjoyer of playing around with my supplies.  I used the Salted Background Technique with a few of my own changes.  My daughter-in-law and I each did 5 or 6 of these backgrounds and they each came out differently even though we tried to make them the same.

I used reinkers for this technique.  I put a few drops of the reinkers I wanted to use in the lid of their corresponding ink pad.  Then, I sprayed the watercolor paper until it was good and wet.  I took my waterbrush and liberally applied reinker with a very wet waterbrush and then I sprinkled sea salt all over the areas I wanted it.  After that I sprayed more water on top.  The salt pulls the color out in the spots it lands giving you a really pretty effect.

I dried the paper with my craft heater and brushed all of the salt off the paper.  Then I added more ink where I thought I wanted more and if needed added more salt and sprayed with water until I was happy with the results.  I swear it was like magic.  Just love it!  I waited until the paper was entirely dry before I stamped my images.

Products Used
  • Stamps:  Four Seasons (B1319), Harmony (B1363), and The Present (D1436)
  • Paper:  Watercolor Paper, Black Cardstock (1386), Petal Cardstock (X5667), and Sky Cardstock (X5761) 
  • Inks:   Black (Z2105) 
  • Reinkers:  Amethyst (Z2200), Sky (Z2294), Baby Pink (Z2202), Cocoa (Z2214), Desert Sand (Z2218), and Lilac Mist (Z2233)
  • Embellishments:  Pewter Brads (Z1366)
  • Other Products:  Adhesive, Sponge Dauber (Z726), Craft Heater (Z555), Waterbrush (1771) and Sea Salt (yes, salt!)
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and then create your own project - anything that makes you think of cold.  Your projects must include CTMH products, but do not have to be 100% CTMH.  If other products are used, a list or description of what was used would be appreciated. Remember to post it on the Heart 2 Heart Challenges Blog.  You could win some fantastic prizes from our February sponsors, Shirley Ross and Sandra Strickler.  As a special treat, Shirley will be playing along with us this week!  Remember that you have until the end of the month to participate in our challenges.


  1. This. Is. Stunning!!! Hopefully I'll be brave enough to try the technique because I LOVE the look! (PS Do we get to see your first card?)

  2. Thanks, Marie. I will post my other card once I get it totally finish it. I abandoned it when I was told that it was not cold enough. Apparently I need to wait for a warmer challenge for it! LOL

  3. Oh Melinda - your background is just so cool! (cold?!) The only time I've tried this technique, my background was very blotchy, not soft and subtle like yours... I may dig out the salt again :o)

  4. Stunning card Melinda! Surreal background. I've never heard of this technique, looks very interesting... Do we get to see the other ones too?

  5. Was a beautiful card. Thanks for sharing this technique. I have never heard of it and really want to give it a try. Off to buy watercolour paper!

  6. Very cool technique Melinda, this turned out great!

  7. Melinda, what a COOL technique & beautiful card! The colors are gorgeous. Thanks for your sweet comment on my post! (I'm anxious to get back to H2H and blogging while waiting patiently for the I.T. man's help! Meanwhile I used the library pc to browse & catch up!) Blessings! New follower Jane in St Louis

  8. Melinda, this card is breathtaking! I am always in awe of your creativity! *Ü*

  9. Fantastic card - marvelous technique! Even with your advice, I'm sure I couldn't create such a beautiful background.

  10. The effect is so amazing on this card!

  11. Beautiful Melinda! Definitely relays a feeling of cold....in a fabulous way.

  12. Gorgeous card! And you are a fantastic artist! I will have to try this technique :)

  13. Great mixture of colour on the ground. Love it.


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