Snowman Movie Clip Christmas Card

These have got to be the cutest Snowmen that ever existed! I am really happy with my Christmas card and  I absolutely love it when a card comes out even better then I imagined it was going to be!

I started out with the three Snowmen from the stamp set, Flakey Friends C1506.  I could not decide which one to use, or rather which two not to use.  Then I remembered the Movie Clip Die Cut from our CTMH Cricut Artiste (Z1790), pg 67, Accent 2, and realized that I could use all 3 of these adorable Snowmen.

The Movie Clip Die Cut was cut from Outdoor Denim cardstock at 5" height.  I stamped the Snowmen with our black pigment ink onto Daisy White panels that I cut with the assistance of my Gypsy.  I so love the Gypsy (and I do mean love) because with the Gypsy I can cut the Movie Clip but "hide" the Movie Clip part and not cut it out.  That leaves me with just the three panels, which is actually just what I wanted.

The snowflakes are cut with Sky cardstock (pg 79, Accent 1) and with White Daisy cardstock (pg 79, Accent 1 ).  One snowflake is cut at 2 inches and the other at 1.75 inches.  I applied Stardust Glitter Glitz Gel on each of the White Daisy snowflakes as well as on the White Daisy Overlay of the tag.  The tag was cut out of Sky cardstock (Art Philosophy (Z1686), pg 50, Tag 3) with the overlay cut with the Layer on the same page.  The sentiment is stamped with Outdoor Denim Ink and is found in the stamp set, Perfect Fit - Holidays (B1412).

I wanted some more glitz showing through so applied two rows of our self-adhesive Silver Shimmer Trim (Z1799) 1/4" from the top and another two rows 1/4" from the bottom.

I used glitter buttons from the Bohemian Assortment (Z1687) for the center of my snowflakes topped with an Opaque Pearl (Z1336).

I wanted clear, vibrant color for my cute little snowmen so I was excited to break open our new Alcohol Markers.  I used Sky - Light (Z2402) topped with the Stardust Glitz Glitter Gel (Z1313) for the snow, Sorbet (Z2407) for the nose, and Autumn Terracotta (Z2427) for the arms.

Sky (Z2402) and Gypsy (Z2410) were used for the snowmen on the left and middle. For the snowman on the right I used Sky (Z2402) and Gypsy - Dark (Z2410).  I used Honey - Light (Z2415) for the bird's beak in the middle panel.

I am almost ready for my Christmas Card workshop.  I would like to design two more cards.


  1. Thank you so very much for your inspiration, Melinda! I am a huge fan of your work. I had a customer specifically ask about a snowman card, and I think this is the one I will show her if you don't mind. Awesome!

  2. Kigz, Thank you so much for your kind comment. This card was so much fun to make. Feel free to share it with your customer!

  3. I Love this card. I like the use of black, since it is my fave color lol. Thanks for sharing and inspiring

  4. this is beautiful card especially it's color is fantastic..thanks for sharing as i might need it when design for Gift Card envelopes.

  5. I LOVE your card and this stamp set is so adorable!! Thanks for sharing your directions I think I have to make one myself!

  6. Did you have to use the gypsy to turn the filmstrip openings?

    1. No it came that way on the CTMH Cricut Artiste making it very easy to use!


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