Typed Note Card - Which one do you like?

Have you ever thought that your artwork needed a little something extra?

I really enjoyed the card I made yesterday but it felt unfinished. So I added a little black sequins.

Which one do you like best?

The original one?

Or this one?

Please post in the comments.  I have a little blog candy for those who participate.


  1. Oh I really like the sequins added! Not that it wasn't gorgeous the initial way you posted it!

  2. I'm all for the sequins. Can't have enough bling from you Melinda. Love your card!

  3. Both cards are lovely--I'm glad the previous commenters mentioned the sequins because I really couldn't find the difference initially. I love how your typewriter is on the diagonal and your use of flourishes make this really interesting. Thanks for the inspiration!
    :) Marie

  4. I like both of them. It was hard to see the difference.

  5. I was thinking this was a trick question because without the previous comments I was having a hard time finding the difference. I think both cards are great. But if you want the bling of sequins, maybe a lighter color sequin and/or color them with ShinHan markers?

  6. I, too, had a hard time seeing the sequins, but I tilted my screen a little and then I saw the difference. I do like the sequins on the banner. It does give it a more finished look. :D


  7. love them both but think the second one has a little oomph!

  8. I really love the distressed look to these cards. Terrific job.


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