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Why I Became a Close to My Heart Consultant Blog Hop

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I would love to tell you why I became a Close to My Heart Consultant.

I was a quilter and had never papercrafted.  My daughter had become a Consultant for another company and decided that I needed to be her best customer!  So I gave her my credit card and she purchased everything I needed and handed them to me in a bag.

"Here you go!" she said.

So I found myself holding a pile of products that I did not know how to use and she had lost interest in me and left me to figure it out.  

I pulled out my pictures and started adhering them to the album.  Then I needed to decorate the page. I had apparently purchased lots of packages of stickers.  I needed a title so I got some alphabet stickers and set to work.  I soon found myself in a dilemma.  Not enough vowels.  I needed more vowels.  What could I do?

Buy more packages of stickers!  So I now had a ton of those not so desirable letters like Q and F and Z.  I was not enjoying this hobby so much.  Mind you, this was before Cricut came out.

Then one day my daughter decided to have a Close to My Heart gathering.  She had a friend who sold Close to My Heart.  I, of course, was invited - along with my credit card.  We did a simple project that had letters in it and a whole other world opened!!!  I could have all the blue A's and E's I wanted.  I did not have to have any extra blue Q's, F's and Z's.! Oh my!

One look at the catalog and I wanted everything!!  I knew my husband would not be as thrilled with my new hobby as I was and I hated to have to wait for his next paycheck to purchase more of these lovely stamp sets and inks.

That is when my friendly Close to My Heart Consultant mentioned the Consultant Opportunity.  I could become a Close to My Heart Consultant and I would get 22% off of the purchase of these wonderful products.  I could even earn free and half priced items!  The clouds opened up and the angels sang! Not really but I quickly signed up.

I have been a Close to My Heart Consultant for almost 9 years now.  My artwork has progressed past the Alphabet but in honor of this hop I wanted to share with you a stamped card with all the blue letters I wanted to use.  I did not run out, no sireee, or need to buy anything else.  And I even stamped on patterned paper!

Close to My Heart is having an April Recruiting Special called Baby, I'm Worth It!  Here is a flyer I made with the promotion.  Please contact me if you would like more information or are considering signing up as a Close to My Heart Consultant.  No obligation and you, too, can have all of the blue A's and E's you would like!

Thank you for visiting my blog.

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You can purchase any of the supplies listed below at www.melindaeveritt.ctmh.com.  

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  1. Love the masculine looking card! Such perfect even stamping too!

  2. Fantastic precision stamping and great masculine card! I love your story too.

  3. Love the story behind this card! Fabulous masculine birthday card and I really like the extra touches.

  4. Love this card and your story!!

  5. Fun story. I love how your card illustrates the unlimited letters you have available to create a Fabulous Masculine card. Breaks my heart though to say good-bye to my favorites like Urban!


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