What can you do with Washi Tape?

Welcome to the Close to My Heart Washi Tape Blog Hop! 

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So what can you do with Washi Tape?  

I use it in my planner to signify different events.  I can look at a glance and see when my workshops are happening or when the kids are out of school just by the pattern of Washi Tape I use.  

Here is another use for Washi Tape.  

I bet you are wondering why the Washi tape is on the light switch.  Well, my family never turns a light off after they leave a room.  Most of the time, I turn it off.  I am not overly gracious about it, but I am working on that.  However, in the garage the light might be on for hours before I notice.  I asked the family not to use the light switch from inside the house.  This is to remind them not to use it.  Don't laugh.  It is working!

Since I am sure my sister consultants will not think that the above picture is adequate for this blog hop, I also created a card using Washi tape.

Here is my artwork:

 I must admit that I don't like the Washi tape artwork.  I have been slow at using this product because I don't really like the unfinished look that I have seen with the Washi tape art.  But as I have used it, I have found that I have been able to mesh my more finished look with Washi tape.

So where is the Washi tape in my artwork?

I have it in two places.  The Smoothie striped "paper" is actually Washi tape.  When you back the Washi tape with white cardstock, it no longer is translucent.  It looks like paper.

The second place I used it was on the birthday cake.  The Washi tape pattern is the Honey colored triangles.  See the Smoothie lined pattern behind the triangles?  It comes from the stamped image.  I love how whatever pattern is behind the Washi tape shows through and becomes part of the "paper".

I am on a mission to decorate the inside of the card as well so here is the inside of my card:

By the way, I used the Mojo Monday pattern from this week.  

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  1. Washi Tape is so handy to use around the house! And your card is beautiful. Great idea to use Washi for the cake layers.

  2. Great project! and you are so clever with your washi tape - I wish they had it when my kids were little!

  3. For someone who doesn't like WASHI, you ROCKED this card!!!! And...LOVE that you tape the light switch...lol

    1. Thanks, Katy. Funny that all it took was a strip of washi tape to get the kids and hubby to stop using the light switch.

  4. I'm so glad I continued on the hop (I just never know what to do with washi). I love this card. It speaks to my clean and simple style. :)

    1. Thanks, Casandra. I am going to try and use it more instead of paper.


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