Don't you love a win-win situation?  I do.

This month Close to My Heart is offering the best promotion I have ever seen them offer.  The absolutely best promotion.

The promotion is $400 of current (not retired) beautiful, trendy, Close to My Heart products including your choice of one of our exclusive Close to My Heart Cricut cartridge collections with 700 images for only $99.

That is a discount of 75%.

Now where else can you get 75% off of current scrapbooking product?  Plus a 22% discount on future purchases.

With no further obligation.  Win-Win.

I would like to share a conversation I had with a prospective downline.

Downline:  "So I pay $99 plus shipping and tax and I receive over $400 of scrapbooking products.  Isn't this the New Consultant Kit?"

Me:  "Yes it is."

Downline:  "So I have to sell Close to My Heart products if I take advantage of this offer?"

Me:  "No you don't.  There is no obligation whatsoever.  You never have to purchase another thing."

Downline:  "You're kidding!  What happens if I don't purchase or sell anything?"

Me:  "You become a Former Consultant on October 1st if you have not purchased or sold $300 retail between July 1st and September 30th."

Downline:  "What about this quarter (April-June)?  How much do I have to purchase or sell?"

Me:  "Nothing.  You have no obligation to sell or purchase anything between now and the end of June."

Downline:  "And I get a 22% discount off of everything in the Idea Book?"

Me:  "Yes you do.  I can also show you how to get the maximum amount of free and reduced products as a Consultant."

Downline:  "Wow!  I am sure that this is wrong but I heard that if I become a Former Consultant I can sign right back up and get another new kit.  Is that true?"

Me:  "Yes it is."

Downline:  "Are they crazy?  They really will let you sign right back up and get a new kit?  This is a win-win situation.  You would be crazy not to do this.  Why would anyone who papercrafts not buy this kit?  What do you have to lose?"

Let me show you the kit.

This kit gives you a great assortment of Close to My Heart products.  You also get 2 of our great how-to books, my favorite non-stick microtip scissors, stamps, blocks, inks, stamp sets, and our cleaner and stamp scrubber.

Then you also receive your choice of our exclusive CTMH Cricut cartridge collections.  Each collection contains a Cricut cartridge with 700 images, 3 more stamp sets that have images that are cut out with the Cricut cartridge, and chipboard pieces that also correspond with the Cricut cartridge.

And if that is not good enough, I will add your choice of one paper pack and corresponding complement pack if you join my team in April.

Kit Contents

And you choose one of these Cricut Collections.

So are you interested?  Purchase this kit on my website.  

Questions?  Email me and ask away.  I would love to talk to you.

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